Litigation Support and Trial Presentation Services Litigation Support and Trial Presentation Services

Litigation and Trial Support Services

Legal Graphicworks is a premier boutique litigation and trial support firm consistently exceeding clients’ expectations through unparalleled attention to detail, superior customer service, multimedia demonstrative aids and the ability to refine complex information into a simple, compelling story.

The team at Legal Graphicworks are experts in effective, persuasive communications and mediation and courtroom presentations, such as state-of-the-art animation, Powerpoint demonstrations, compelling settlement documentaries, dynamic graphics and accurate medical illustrations.

Trial services at Legal Graphicworks

With offices in West Palm Beach, Florida, New Orleans, Louisiana and national trusted partners, Legal Graphicworks is able to support your video depositions, presentations, trial exhibits and hotseat operator needs throughout the U.S.

Legal Graphicworks offers unmatched technical experience in the use of the best trial presentation software (Trial Director, OnCue) and equipment for all of your trial technology requirements.

The team at Legal Graphicworks can assist in preparing your next deposition, hearing, arbitration, mediation, settlement conference, bench trial or jury trial.

Premier Trial Presentation

As a boutique firm, we take the time to set up a consultation with each of our clients. At our initial meeting, you provide us with a download on your case, and then based on these details and our experience, our trial consultants put together recommendations as to the best way to present your case in court.

The bottom line? You understand the law. We know how to capture the judge and jurors’ attention. Together we can help you capture their attention…and capture the verdict.


When you’re in court, how you tell a story is as important as the story itself. For the staff at Legal Graphicworks, we consider clear, concise storytelling to be job one. We know how to take a complex case and distill it down to the crucial, understandable points. We help you decide what visual elements to show, how to show them, and what elements carry the most impact.

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