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Trial Technology



Trial Technology Partners

Trials can be time-consuming and overwhelming. At Legal Graphicworks, we’re here as your partner, to help the process go smoothly—and to provide you with the tools you need to win the verdict.


Full Service Trial Support

We are a resource for attorneys from the discovery phase through to the post-trial. We can provide document organization and access during your trials, organize mock trials—even provide you with a secure, full-service War Room, conveniently located across from the courthouse.


Our team will be there with you every step of the way—providing last minute trial graphics, making copies, making video depo clips, working courtroom audiovisual equipment—whatever tools you need to give you the edge over opposing counsel.

Presentation Logistics

Pretrial, Legal Graphicworks can help you manage both your paper documents and electronic files with our proprietary document and electronic file management system.

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Trial Prep

The majority of your discovery work is complete. You have your strategies planned, evidence organized and arguments aligned. But how do you know it will work?

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Life of Trial

Legal Graphicworks offers unmatched technical experience in the use of the best trial presentation software (Trial Director, OnCue) and on demand video edits.

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Equipment Rental

Legal Graphicworks can provide you with the audio/visual equipment you need to make everything go smoothly.

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