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Presentation Logistics

Presentation Logistics:

It’s hard to stay afloat when you’re drowning in paperwork.

Often, pretrial work involves a full forest of paperwork. In order to do your most thorough and complete work, each of these papers must be organized and readily accessible.

Pretrial, Legal Graphicworks can help you manage both your paper documents and electronic files using one of two leading trial presentation technologies; Trial Director or OnCue. This process makes retrieving pertinent case information easy because everything is organized into a single, searchable repository that can be accessed remotely.


Trial Prep:

Practice Makes Verdict.

The majority of your discovery work is complete. You have your strategies planned, evidence organized and arguments aligned. But how do you know it will work? That’s where mock trials come in.

On-Site Mock Trials

At Legal Graphicworks, we organize on-site mock trials to help our clients develop a jury selection strategy and study the decision path of jurors, their reactions to evidence, specific visual aids, witnesses etc. In the end, this process helps the attorneys we work with understand how best to present their case to influence the decision making process.


Life of Trial:

Is your arsenal prepared?

The trial process, whether long or short, is always intense. To function optimally, you may need to establish a trial headquarters—or nerve center where, when you leave court each day, you can review the day’s events, regroup, target and strategize, work with key witnesses, prepare exhibits and do a dry run with technology, along with completing simple tasks like making copies.

War Room

At Legal Graphicworks, we can provide this service through our War Room. Our War Room offers clients full-service support throughout the life of their trial. It is located at our facility, providing clients with a convenient, functional and secure locale. Trials move quickly and can change on a dime. With Legal Graphicworks as your partner, you have the tools to act—and react at a moment’s notice.