Video Depositions 14 Benefits for Winning Litigation Video Depositions 14 Benefits for Winning Litigation

Video Depositions Offer You an Advantage

Video Depositions

Video Depositions: 14 Benefits

If you are not using video depositions for all of your cases, you are missing out on opportunities to gain a competitive advantage and to better serve your clients. The role video plays in litigation will only continue to grow in 2016. For example, YouTube saw its average viewing time increase 17% in 2015. More than any other medium,  video continues to influence the opinions of the average person. Are you using this powerful tool to full effect?

14 Ways Video Depositions Will Give You an Advantage

  1. Capture the witness’ body language, facial expressions, tone of voice, emotion responses, physical appearance, inflection, and pauses—all of which affect credibility.
  2. Discourage poor etiquette from both witnesses and attorneys. If not, video and audio of unprofessional behavior will be seen unfavorably by judges and juries.
  3. Accommodate an expert witness who is reluctant, too busy or unavailable during trial. Many experts also charge less to appear on video as opposed to spending a day at the courthouse.
  4. Enhance the credibility and authority of deposition testimony.
  5. Give you a better feel for how a witness will perform in a pressure situation. It can give you valuable information on how to prepare them for trial. Your client can also better absorb the case from watching the video deposition.
  6. Allow you to choose witnesses effectively based on the testimony they gave and how they handled pressure.
  7. Improve mediation presentations. How much more effective would your mediation be if you included video depositions?
  8. Reduce the opposing counsel’s witness coaching opportunities.
  9. Provoke more complete and candid responses from a deponent.
  10. Engage judges and juries visually. Videos are more likely to keep their attention and are much more persuasive than reading a transcript.
  11. Reduce costs for obtaining a physician’s expert opinion.
  12. Provide better understanding to colleagues, expert consultants and legal staff by reviewing the video for trial preparation.
  13. Strengthen impeachment if a witness should change his or her testimony at trial. When a witness makes a different statement in court than what they said on the video, it has a greater impact than reading a transcript.
  14. Preserve the testimony if a witness becomes reluctant, develops health problems or passes away.

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