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Imagine the difference between an out-of-context, emotionless quote read by an uninvolved party vs. the power of seeing the person utter the quote—replete with body language, intonation and emotion. The impact that a video like this can have is immeasurable. Allowing jurors to experience your case through video presentations brings a level of understanding—both emotional and logical—that mere words can never express. And this emotional buy-in is what will help you win your case at mediation or before a judge or jury.

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Take this example. Imagine describing the difficulties an accident victim experiences in their daily life. You could give an array of examples about how their life has been affected. Instead, imagine showing a “Day in the Life” video that visually depicts what this person has to go through each day. The video would not only demonstrate the individual’s specific physical challenges, but it would capture the emotional ones, as well. The jury would be able to witness firsthand the daily struggles that both the victim and their family suffer every day. It’s no secret that the majority of the population receives most of their information in a video format. Seeing is believing.

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Your client wants to settle. Provide them with a successful tool to settle by creating a settlement documentary. This provides a platform for the entire story to be told and the players to be humanized, giving the other side and the adjuster the ability to see the emotional impact your story can have and what they are up against if this does not settle favorably and moves to trial.

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Don’t make the trier of fact imagine what the site looks like. Show them. Our award winning videographers can record any site that is in question and a part of your case story. By providing a clear and accurate video with options for creating clips of the video and voice overs to describe the area, our videographers give you the ability to make them believe

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Our professional videographers will capture the Compulsory Medical Exam providing options for display and clip creations as needed. They are seasoned veterans at working with doctors during these exams and know the protocol, making the doctor and the patient feel at ease.

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Travel to your deposition without ever leaving the town that you’re in. No planes, no trains, no automobiles- just a great deposition experience with professional video and audio for the fraction of a cost, We can set you up in our Video Teleconferencing rooms and your deponent up at a partner site. We take care of the set-up, you take care of the deposing,

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